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Vara's Oats

My story goes back to the years I spent in Europe; I became very familiar with cooking oats. Not only are they the healthy choice of carbohydrates, to me they are the perfect blank canvas for one’s gastronomic imagination –like art! They change as I travel and get inspired by new senses, places, and flavors. When I moved back to Thailand, the environment pushed the boundaries of my breakfast to change according to local availability. Through my experimenting and with passion of tropical flair, I created these edible celebrations of East-meets-West; hearty oats with Eastern produces, prepared with a touch of Western influence.

Facts about Oats

-       Wholesome and whole-grain source of carbohydrates.

-       Contain beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that makes you feel full.

-       Low glycemic index (GI). Helps stabilize and keep blood sugar under control, preventing from diabetic diseases.

-       Lower blood cholesterol by forming gel texture around digestive tract to prevent excess cholesterol from absorbing into the body.

-       Contains unique antioxidants “avenanthramides”, which help reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

-       Fiber keeps colon in shape, reducing risk of bowel cancer.

-       Easily digested, reduces the bloat. Especially beneficial for sedentary lifestyle.

Process of Oats

"Nutritionally speaking, oats are whole grains but not all oats are equal."

Oats are processed in order to reduce cooking time. The more processed, the less nutrients. The natural, unprocessed state of oats are called, “Oat Groats,” and take over 60 minutes to cook. Comparatively, instant oatmeal takes only 60 seconds to cook after pouring hot water over the processed oats. Steel-cut Oats are whole oat groats that have been cut into pieces to speed up cooking time. After that process, you get the common oats we are probably most familiar with, “Rolled Old Fashion Oats”. The only difference is that they have been steamed and rolled flat into flakes, making it versatile and fast to cook, while maintaining their bran and other fibrous nutrients. *At Vara’s we use Rolled (Old Fashion) Oats in our porridges and muesli!