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Vara's Porridge

Porridges are simply cooked grains in liquid. Each culture has its own kind. In Thailand we have rice porridge cooked in a savory stock with meat and eggs.

The first oat porridge (or oatmeal) I had was when I was 5 at a sleepover at my cousins’ house. It was served for our breakfast with brown sugar and cinnamon. I didn’t like it, nor did I understand what it was.

When I decided to “eat healthy” in 2008, I started to stock oats in my cabinet as essential source of carbohydrates. That was when I discovered how to appreciate and makes oats yummy! They quickly became my favorite because they cook faster than rice and have this glutinous creamy texture making it delicious every bite.

Porridges are ideal for breakfast. They are warm; and easy to digest. When served with fruits and nuts, they provide the balanced nutrients you need. And ladies, when you eat substantial carbs, your cravings for things later on in the day will be reduced. Trust me J