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Vara's Muesli

Surprisingly enough, the first time I came across fresh muesli was in Hong Kong. I ordered “Bircher muesli” at a hotel without a clue of what it was. Curious, I researched for recipes to make my own. From there, I learned about Dr. Bircher (1867-1939) of Switzerland, who came up with a muesli breakfast formula to treat his patients. He was one of the first figures who believed in foods as medicinal treatment. The classic recipe is oats fruits and nuts soaked in grated apples and their juice before mixing in yogurt to serve.

In Switzerland, this muesli is served everywhere and in my time spent there, I ate them all in order to deconstruct flavors and take notes of each.I even asked each family I visited to make their own versions. It helped me understand its preparation beyond what one can find on internet!

Being in Thailand, Vara’s raw muesli will reflect the local produce here. It’s fun to adapt recipes and re-make it tropical style, thanks dr. Bircher ;)